Once you find the delights hidden in the Pantry you'll never want to leave

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Breakfast banana Split Banana served with yoghurt, toasted walnuts and honey  4.50


Granola with blueberries and strawberries, topped with yoghurt  4.50


Croissant with avocado and poached egg  5.00


Toasted Croissant with melted Cheese and Tomato with a dollop of chutney 4.60


Croissant with Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Chives 5.60


Home-made Houmous on Sourdough toast with roasted cherry tomatoes & basil  5.70

with an organic poached egg 6.70


Sausage sandwich with fried onions in a floured bun. Beef sausage or Vegetarian option 4.95

with an organic fried egg 5.95


Organic scrambled or poached eggs with roasted cherry tomatoes and chives on toast 5.70

With smoked salmon option  7.80    


Toast two thick slices    2.00                Sourdough toast 2.25

Preserves; organic raspberry jam, marmalade, peanut butter, nutella, marmite or blossom honey


ALL DAY BRUNCH  MENU  -  served all day


Sausage Fry-up two organic eggs- choice of scrambled, fried or poached with beef sausage, fried potatoes or potato rosti, mushrooms in tarragon butter, roasted cherry tomatoes and baked beans with toast   9.20                                                                  


Vege Breakfast two organic eggs- scrambled, fried or poached, two vege sausages, fried potatoes or potato rosti, mushrooms in tarragon butter, roasted cherry tomatoes and beans with toast 8.80


Smoked Salmon and organic poached eggs on sourdough toast served on a bed of watercress and topped with a dollop of hollandaise sauce  8.40


Halloumi Breakfast pan-fried halloumi, organic poached egg, mushrooms in tarragon, cherry tomatoes, watercress and houmous with a walnut and rosemary sourdough toast   8.70


Welsh Rarebit with grilled Longman mature cheddar cheese served on a bed of watercress with a dollop of horseradish or chutney    7.20     With organic poached egg option   8.20


Mushrooms in tarragon butter with avocado and homemade houmous served on toasted sourdough bread  (Vegan option without butter)  7.20   with an organic poached egg  8.20


Pantry Breakfast organic poached egg with locally made beef sausage, a slice of Welsh Rarebit, avocado, watercress and roasted cherry tomatoes   8.40

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